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-=Project Alias=-: Usermanager, ldapusrmgr


    Search for a highly configurable, easy-to-use LDAP User management web interface. You won't find many. By virtue of being web-accessible, any web-based management system must be very user-friendly. The offerings available two years ago were simply not robust enough, easy to use, configurable, or they simply were not cost-effective. Thus was our calling: "Design a web-based LDAP user management tool that you can provide access to first-level support technicians while maintaining the stability of the LDAP database." This tool has been under development for several years, and during that time it has performed as our main web user manager at Florida Tech
    We realize that this software may not currently be in a usable form for many users. Please keep in mind that it is highly tailored for our system configuration. Given the disparate systems that comprise our backend, you might wonder why strange things are being done. For the truly hardcore of you, hack away and make it work! Please let us know what you've done so that we may include it into this distribution.

-=Test/Production Environment=-
OS Environment: Solaris 8/9 and Debian Linux
LDAP Servers: iPlanet Directory Server 4 and OpenLDAP 2.1.13
Web Server: Apache, PHP w/ LDAP, and SSL

-=Project Goals=-
    Design an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain web-based LDAP user management interface. It must be highly configurable in order to deal with the maturation of a production LDAP infrastructure when fixes and/or enhancements. are required/desired.

Usermanager - 0.61a
Usermanager - 0.61
Usermanager - 0.60
Usermanager - 0.52
Usermanager - 0.5.1
Usermanager - 0.5
Usermanager - 0.5a

Usermanager Search Page
Usermanager Result Page
Usermanager Modify Page

It's GPL of course! We love GNU and so should you!

-=Project Status=-
    March 26th, 2002 - Create Sourceforge Site
    March 27th, 2002 - Uploaded Some Documentation and Screenshots
    April 03rd, 2002 - Initial Release of 0.5
    April 20th, 2002 - Release 0.5.1
    July 16th, 2002 - Release 0.52
    January 05th, 2003 - Release 0.60
    August 12th, 2003 - Release 0.61

Current Project Developer: Curtis Robinson
Initial Project Developer: Kervin Pierre
Web Layout and Design: Chris Nucci

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